Day 12- Psychological holds

The whole30 timeline says that these are the hardest days.that you need to start addressing the “physiological hold food has on you”.

I like food. I enjoy shopping for food. I enjoy preparing, cooking, and eating food. I don’t really enjoy the clean up or the digestion parts.

I like fancy shmancy meals. I enjoy desserts.

Breakfast is probably favorite meal to make.

Food is a big deal in our lives. It brings people together.

It can nourish your body, mind and soul.

Lately, I have been craving pizza, Gardetto’s and ice cream.

I decided to put together a list of foods I want to eat post whole30.  Check it out here.

Food Log: Traveled back home after a late breakfast and lunch with friends.

Breakfast: Hashbrowns, and homemade sausgae

Lunch: hand cut fries, lettuce wrap burger with tomato, red onions, pickles

Snack: carrots, cucumber, olives

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled, caramelized onions, and bacon


Day 10 and 11–Wedding prep and Wedding Day

I was able to do basic food logs on my wordpress app on my phone, now that we are home I will edit and post them for you.

Friday, July 10th- The bridesmaids got together and had lunch with the bride and got mani/pedis

Breakfast: Glowing Green Smoothie from Kimberly Synder (it is heavy on the greens, but I love it), 2 eggs in evoo. At a friend’s house for the weekend, and I was able to bring my blender and not have to eat out every meal.

Breakfast  whole30 day 10
Breakfast whole30 day 10

Lunch: We went to Red Robin and after asking a billion questions I had a very bland , hamburger patty (no seasoning) with a side salad (no dressing).

Lunch Whole30 day 10
Lunch Whole30 day 10

Dinner: I forgot at take a picture, but I made Nom Nom paleo’s Chicken Prosciutto Involtini and some marinara. I had some zucchini with it, while everyone else had pasta.

Saturday, July 11-Wedding day!

Breakfast: GGS, 2 eggs with two slices of prosciutto

Lunch: romaine, kalua pork, cucumbers,  fruit kabobs.  I also snacked on fruit kabobs throughout the reception. All the food looked so good! And I got put in charge of cutting the cake, good thing I don’t really like cake or frosting!

Dinner: My friends husband made stir fry for dinner and for me, he made me a safe stir fry! It was spicy, and delicious! He was great and would ask about every ingredient.

Dinner whole30 day 11
Dinner whole30 day 11

Snack: lots of late eating this weekend, kalua pork, and cucumbers.


July 9th- travel day

On the road, heading straight to Seattle for a baseball game. Packed a cooler of, frozen kalua pork from yesterday, cucumbers, carrots, oranges, bananas, olives, epic bars, and cashews.

I also brought my blender, so I can make green smoothies for breakfast.

I will stick on plan.

Food log:

Breakfast: leftover smoothie from yesterday, and a little of a bit of sausage.

Lunch: oranges, banana, turkey epic bar, cucumbers, and olives.

Dinner: New York steak, salt and pepper, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers. We stopped at a little dinner before the baseball game. The server was very helpful at helping me find something compliant.

Dinner whole30 day 9
Dinner whole30 day 9

Snack: carrots, beef epic bar, olives, and oranges. It is hard not to eat when everyone on else is.