Egg Yolks

Last week I shared with you my basic gluten free bread recipe. If you got a chance to try it, you got left with 3 egg yolks! I hate having wasteful recipes. I know that eggs are not that expensive of an item, but 3 yolks is a lot just to toss.

One great use for egg yolks is homemade Mayo. I do not have some amazing recipe. But I have a few I love:

The Kitchn: Immersion Blender Mayo (uses 2 yolks)

Nom Nom Paleo: Mayo (uses 1 yolk)

Our Paleo Life: Lime Mayo (uses a whole egg, but I think next time I bake bread,I am going to try using all three with this technique.)

These three recipes, are similar, but use different processes. I haven’t made mayo in my vitamix, only because I don’t really want to clean it afterwards (I am lazy, and it doesn’t go in the dish washer.)

I know this isn’t my own recipe, but I think everyone should know, or at least attempt to make their own mayo! It just adds something extra to anything you us it for.




We moved!

About 3 months ago, I FINALLY got to say “Peace out, Pullman!” with a mic drop.

I moved there in Aug 2005 for school. I HATED it here, and I let people know. Washington State University was not my first choice or my second choice for school. It wasn’t even on my list. But it was the only school my parents would help pay for. In an alternate universe, I went to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, wasn’t medically disqualified for Air Force ROTC and graduated with an Aerospace engineering degree.

Instead, I moved about 300 miles from home into a small dorm room with another girl on a floor with about 120 other girls. For 6 years my life revolved around getting an engineering degree. In 2011, I graduated with a Material Science and Engineering degree.

In 2009, I married a local boy, and Pullman, became our home. For 7 years, we lived in our large one bedroom duplex. We have seen many people move out of the basement apartment, and from the other rentals on our street.

In 2013, we welcomed home a beautiful baby boy. That house, was all he has ever known, and asks to go back.

This year, 2016, we celebrated 7 years of marriage, our baby turned 3, and we moved.

To another country.


Well, basically. 2,500 miles away to Texas, the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger.

Many people who leave Pullman, do so sad. This is their first home away from home. But for me it hasn’t been that. For me, this was my home. My bank teller, knew my name, our struggle with infertility, she was a friend. I know the cashiers at the local grocery stores. I came to Pullman with definite end. Then it changed.

Now, that our house is in shambles and there are stacks of boxes on every free wall, I am excited! We, as a family, are getting to experience something new and yes, scary!

This process has been a whirlwind of events. We thought for sure we would only be moving to Oregon. I know when the decision was made, Mr. Wonderful was heart broken. I remembered that feeling from 2005 when my parents said no to my dream.

This time, together, we have come to be excited for this change. And now that it is our turn to leave Pullman, we do so without looking back on the heartbreak this town has had for us and we look forward to the possibilities College Station, TX has to offer.