July 2, 2015–Day 2

July 2, 2015–Day 2

Today I was reading through some posts on the Whole30 about taking the sacrament or communion. I am a member of the LDS church. And after I posted my menu for the week last night, I realized this Sunday is our monthly Fast Sunday.

I usually forget, until we get to church.

Anyway, it got me thinking about what, as someone on Whole30, is to do for this religious ceremony. With my past forum experience, I figured the moderators would basically say “Whole30 is LAW! Do not deviate, even for religion.”

But that is not the case.

Communion and the traditions of religious practices are exempt from Whole30 rules, much like a doctor’s orders trump Whole30 rules.

FROM A MODERATOR! Two great things here.

  1. I don’t have to figure out some compliant “bread” for sacrament on Sunday.
  2. Doctor’s orders trump the mean ole moderator. I was beginning to feel like my Whole30 wasn’t a true Whole30 and that maybe I was being a brat. (I am not getting my way, so I am going to just run away, brat.)

Food Log:

Breakfast: Green Eggs, it was hard to stomach this morning so tomorrow I will have to figure something else out. Here is a lovely cell phone picture for you of it.

Breakfast, Day 2, Whole30

Lunch: I had yesterday’s leftovers, added some more chicken salad, and had some carrots and paleo ranch. No picture of lunch today, you got one yesterday. And hopefully you know what carrots and ranch look like.

Funny story for you about lunch, I set my salad down to go and get my carrots and Mr. Z decided to help himself to some lettuce. That kid loves his leafy greens!

Snack: Apples and Almond butter. At 4 I started dinner, and was hungry, so snack time! I have some almond butter, and choose that over some sunbutter I have. Bad choice. I kind of hate almond butter. It is like super sweet peanut butter.

Snack, Day 2, Whole30

Dinner: The boys had pasta and meatballs, I had, leftover Bacon Wrapped Pesto-Stuffed Chicken, over some leftover green beans from last night and pasta sauce.

Dinner, Day 2, Whole30

Overall, today has been fine, under calorie goal. I am hungrier than yesterday, and a little more crabby than usual. I do have dull headache that started about dinner time, and I figured it was because I haven’t been as good on my water was I was yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow isn’t too bad, as it is Mr. Wonderful’s birthday!