Food is Love

I love food, and after a year of trying to figure out how to keep my SIBO away, I have come to learn that I love recipe testing. I mean, I love food, and eating, so it just comes naturally that creating and perfecting recipes is amazing.

My little notebook of recipes is quickly filling, and people are always surprised to hear my food is gluten, dairy, soy, and usually corn free. Maybe it is because we are in the south now, and finding good gluten free food is impossible, at least compared to Washington, but making my own is saving me.

My recipe notebook

A few weeks ago I was talking to some new friends and we were talking about gluten free cooking. I have always seen food blogging to be something that almost every stay at home mom does. I don’t want to be the next “mommy blogger”, but I do want to share my recipes.

I have been typing up and editing my recipes and am going to start sharing them with you! Look for a new recipe every Friday! I think you will enjoy them, I know we do.


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