Day Two: Whole30 and Staying in Budget


I am trying to decide if I want to post daily like last time. Anyway, I wanted to post about how it is going so far, you know cause day two is so hard.

I haven’t officially said to Mr. Wonderful, “hey, I decided to do another round of Whole30.” Mainly, because he would just say either, “not again” or “stay within the budget”. But I am not keeping it a secret, I mean, my notes and cookbooks are left out in open, so I am sure he knows.

Also, I wasn’t planning on grocery shopping today, but since I started Whole30 a week early I kind of needed to. So I made a grocery list, I double checked what we had and what we needed. I checked our grocery budget. $68 until next payday, in two weeks…

So Mr. Wonderful and I sat down and chatted about robbing Peter the pay Paul, or how we can “roll with the punches”. We moved some money out of restaurants, especially since, Whole30 means little to no eating out.

I went grocery shopping, hoping to spend less than $50. I spent $62.15. There were a couple of things I did not get, mainly because Winco doesn’t carry it and I had already over spent on my goal.  I did purchase more meat than we would be eating this week, so that will help next week. 

I am mad or disappointed I over spent, nah.

Food Log:

Breakfast: I planned a fun big breakfast, but I was the only one up, so just eggs, cucumbers and an orange.

Whole30 Breakfast  Day 2
Whole30 Breakfast Day 2

Lunch: Leftovers! I do have in my plan to have a salad for lunch, but honestly, leftovers will probably be more appealing.



Dinner: This was really easy, and it sounds a lot fancier than the prep makes it, balsamic glazed chicken and roasted potatoes, I added a medium salad with paleo ranch, cucumbers, carrots and olives.

Whole30 Dinner  Day 2
Whole30 Dinner Day 2

Snack: I was still hungry after dinner so Mr. Z and I shared some grapes and toasted Almonds.


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