Whole: Cleaning and Decluttering with FlyLady

When I feel like life is running me over, I always revert back to what basics am I not doing.

Lately, I feel like the chaos in my house is controlling me, not me control it. So, back to a daily routine I go. I have this vision, of what I want my routines to be, but it doesn’t happen. Because of life, toddler meltdowns, or my own laziness.

Years ago, a friend told me about FlyLady. I have started and stopped, flapped and crashed. I really like FlyLady and her baby steps.

Especially, step one, which some days is all I can do.

Shine your sink.

Seriously, I am lazy. I don’t want to be. I would love to have a spotless house, and not have to look for random things.

Now that my methylated B Vitamins are starting to kick in, I am feeling so energized. I am jumping in and starting FlyLady again! Here is my email I sent as part of my Babystep Day 2!

Dear FlyLady,

I don’t know how many times I have started your baby steps. But recently I have been feeling overwhelmed, and I was cleaning out my email, and I found a folder of saved emails from you. And I thought, why not. 15 minutes, and maybe in a few weeks we might be actually eating dinner at the table. Low expectations I know, but every month I tell myself this month, we will be eating dinner at the table before the month is over. I hope by Sept 13th, I can tell you we are!

Here is my shining sink. Plus, for the first time since elementary school I have tomorrows outfit picked out.

My shiny sink
My shiny sink


Whole: Budgeting with Dave Ramsey


This blog isn’t all about me losing weight, it is about better my whole self. Budgeting is one thing, we really want to reign in.

One thing my husband and I have been horrible at our whole marriage is budgeting. So far it hasn’t caused any issues, but we know we can not continue to just fly by the seat of our pants when it comes to a budget.

Now we, have tried, and never stuck to it. Mainly because I can’t seem to find the perfect budget software/notebook/system.

For years we have had Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover sitting on our shelf. A few months ago, I picked it up, read it, and said lets do this! We crashed and burned, but this month we picked ourselves up and started again.

We set up a budget on Everydollar.com, and I have talked to a few friends that I know budget and are a little eccentric about their budgeting. And all of them used Dave Ramsey’s philosophies, maybe not perfectly, but they started out following them.

Another thing they all said is that they listened to his daily radio show.

At first thought that was really crazy. But then, I thought, why not. Maybe that daily reminder to follow the rule, would be helpful.

So, I dusted off my iPod (I am pretty sure, I haven’t used it in a few years…), and downloaded and subscribed to his podcasts.

Mr. Wonderful listens when we are in the car, and I listen, when Mr. Z is either asleep, or not being a typical toddler.

While, we might not agree with everything he says, we are getting our life and money under our control.

Feeling overwhelmed

I have been feeling run down the last few days, and trying to get figure out what is my deal. I am an emotional person, and bad news, especially, when I have been working so hard, just devastates me.

I have been kicking against the pricks of genetics for years, and now that I know what the answer is I just feel like I can’t fix it.

I have been trying to do everything at once, lose weight, increase muscle mass, become a runner, clean my house, become organized.

And I am expecting this over night… It doesn’t work that way. We all know it.

I need to take a step back for a bit. I am going to focus on just eating controlled portions and training for my half marathon. No 21-Day fix workouts on top over everything, no beating myself up because it took me a week to fold the laundry (and then another to put it away…).

I need to be gentle to myself, I am not super woman.

August 8, 2015


Yesterday, I had a follow up with my Functional Medicine Doctor. I have SIBO, the antibiotics have really helped that. And even though I feel great, I can not eat whatever I want. SIBO can be caused by the bodies inability to digest FODMAPs.

Well, as if the list of foods I can’t/shouldn’t eat could get any longer…

Years ago, I did the FODMAP thing, it helped a little, but not really. Now, I have to retest them ALL, especially because I wasn’t avoiding them while I was taking my SIBO antibiotics. Now, 6 weeks of don’t eat anything…

I don’t even know where to start, the list of Paleo FODMAPs isn’t very long, and onions and garlic are big no-no’s for FODMAPs. Also, almonds (most nuts actually).

When this happens, that list of “don’t eat”, grows, I just want to give up. What did I do to get a screwed up gut?!

Genetics, is the answer actually. Turns out I have a genetic mutation that predisposes me to gut issues.

My husband has it too, our kids are just screwed.

What does this mean? I need to be Gluten free, I need to avoid all legumes, I need to hire a personal chef. Any takers, I can pay $5 a week. (man, being poor sucks!)

I mean, I just finished Whole30, life is supposed to be full of “food freedom” not food jail.

I just ordered from the Monsah University in Australia the FODMAP booklet, cause the interweb lies. Every site you look at will tell you different foods are safe. Monash University is the leading source, the do the testing, so in about two weeks, I will jump into that. As for now, I am going to just eat those apples and sweet potatoes, so they don’t go back while I wait.

21 Day Fix Day 3:

Day three is coming to a close, and things are going well. Surprisingly, I am staying under my calorie goal, tally chart thingy. Last time I did a round of 21 day fix, I was going over fruits, veggies, fats, everything. This time around, I am staying within the containers, and actually having a hard time finding a way to fit them all in!

Also, Half Marathon training is going well. Already got 2 runs in, and tomorrow is a rest day for runs, and Pilates for 21 day fix.

I have a couple of recipes I want to share, but since I personally, like recipes with pictures, it is taking a me some time. I guess, I should just accept that I don’t have a fancy camera, so the recipes will be having crappy cell phone pictures.

I am hopeful to have the first one out this weekend.

So here is a little teaser for what is could be…


What do I want from this blog?

I started this blog as a way to talk my way through Whole30, without the “tough love”.

I dislike that term, by the way. Love isn’t tough. It is kind and patient, gentle and inviting. It shouldn’t make you feel like everything you have done is worthless. Which is how I felt using the forum.

But now I am done with Whole30, But I don’t want to be done blogging.

I don’t want to be another “mommy blogger” or another “mommy food blogger” or another “paleo food blogger”. But I think it is a little inevitable, I am a mom, I LOVE food, and I am paleo.

I am not the type to develop a new recipe weekly for you.

I think I will take this blog in a weight loss and health improvement blog. That is my goal in life, to nourish my body to be healthy and whole. With a little parenting, little spirituality, a little of this and a little of that, all mixed it. It is my blog. I titled it with the word, WHOLE because, I wanted it to be about, the whole of my life.

So with that, it is August. Whole30 is done. And I am on to the next thing. This month, I am working on a couple of things, half marathon training, doing the 21-Day Fix, and I want to improve my scripture study.

Half Marathon Training: I found a training calendar, and I need to just do it. I also recruited a friend to do it with me!

21-Day Fix: I know I posted I was going to do the 21-Day Fix Extreme, but I want to do that half marathon, so I thought I should cut back a little.

Scripture Study: It seems like every Fast Sunday, at least one person gets up and says “Hey you! Why aren’t you reading and studying the scriptures? It is promised that you will have more time, more energy, more everything, if you just devote that time every morning to your Heavenly Father.” And then I go, “Crap, they are talking right to me, I should do that.”

Sometimes I am great at it. But most of the time, It never crosses my mind to even crack those suckers open.

This month, I am going to read daily. There is a couple of great places to get a daily verse set and question. This year, I wanted to finish the Book of Mormon again, since I haven’t do that since high school… I am in Alma, two months behind of BofM365 instagram feed… time to double up!

Day 31–Now what?


The good:
I get to step on that scale!!
Start: 208
Day 31: 199.2 WHAT! WHAT!!

Meh, I have a toddler who joins us almost nightly

Ebbs and flows, but it mostly up

I do not believe Whole30 helped it, especially since I had more occurrences of flares toward the end.

Reintroduction plan (5 days between new foods):
Day 2 through 6: Whole30
Day 7: Peanut butter and beans
Day 8 through 12: Whole30
Day 13: Rice and corn
Day 14 through 18: Whole30
Day 19: Gluten

So far dairy has been fine. I had straight cheese, pizza (paleo with cheese) and frozen yogurt!

Cheese and apples
Cheese and apples


Froyo with lots of chocolate!
Froyo with lots of chocolate!

I did also have some popcorn at the movie in the park, and some potato chips at the park with some friends tonight.

Over all I am feeling good. A little sluggish, but over all fine.

So now that Whole30 is “done”, I am going to start the 21 Day Fix Extreme, while finishing up the  reintroduction phase.


Also, I think I want to do a local half-marathon in October. So, need to start training for that if I really do want to do that.


Whole30, will I do it again?

Probably not.

I like sugar, and sweets, and for the love of food, I just want to eat when and what everyone else is.

Maybe if my family, in-laws included, ate more closer to a paleo diet, I would do this again. Right now, I just feel like I have missed out of actually being a part of things.

I am present, and participating, but I am not enjoying that cake, or dinner that everyone else is. I had to bring my own dinner, so that it was safe.

I guess it comes down to feeling judged about my food choices.

I have been seeing a few changes. I was talking to a friend the other day about choices and self-control. She is a dietitian and I mentioned how I passed up a cookie or 2 for 3 BANANAS! She said:

“that while sometimes the “healthier” choice isn’t always the better choice, if you are going to follow moderation. Sometimes, being able to have that cookie, and not denying yourself, keeps you within you goals.”

I need to work on moderation and developing self-control.

I wasn’t pain free during it either. On Day 22, I had a pains like I had eaten foods I know not to eat. Not fun, when you are working so hard.

Working with my doctor and not getting the answers we all want, and then still having issues while on this super clean diet, is frustrating. And day 22 wasn’t the only day of pain.


I have decided to continue some of these principles in daily life. Mainly the added sugar. And to really keep track of what my gut and body does after eating.

One thing I learned, was how added sugars are in EVERYTHING!! Seriously, this is something is something that really should be addressed. Why does sugar need to be in everything?

Now that the 30 day strict period is over, I am going relax a bit. LIke pepperoni, I couldn’t find a sugar free pepperoni, but in things we eat daily, I will keep sugar free.

The SWYPO food rule, that’s one that I can not continue. I am a lazy eater. I hate eating a salad daily, a sandwich, or even a wrap would be nice.

Other than that, I think this is something that I could do indefinitely. On to the reintroduction phase. Hopefully, I don’t react too badly. Starting with some cheese tomorrow (and corn, I am really looking forward to popcorn at our Friday night movie!)