July 20th, 2015–Can I just eat some “fake” food?


Chocolate chip cookies.

Beautiful, gluten filled, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies, made for my sister and her move in crew. I just want to enjoy one, or a few handfuls.


Instead I ate THREE BANANAS…


I still want that DAMN cookie.

I am currently debating doing the reintroduction phase… 1) This is how I already eat 75% of the time. 2) I am so done. 3) I feel lied too. Whole30, 30 days of “real food” but everyone forgets to tell you about the 10 DAY reintroduction phase, it is really the WHOLE40!

Food Log:

Breakfast: Leftover potatoes and carrots with a apple chicken sausage

Breakfast  whole30 day 20
Breakfast whole30 day 20

Lunch: zoddles and meat sauce

Dinner: Slumgillion, is what we grew up calling it. Leftover roast, gravy (aka leftover mushroom soup), and the leftover potatoes and carrots. We had it over green beans.

Dinner whole30 day 20
Dinner whole30 day 20

Then I ate another serving, and 3 bananas, because I really wanted to eat chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and cheese, and rice…


How much longer and why am I doing this?


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