Day 18 and 19: The weekend


10 day! Just 10 whole days left!! (Well, and the 10 day reintroduction phase, boo!) I am done with this, ready to move on to the next thing. I also, really want some foods back. Menu planning now, just has me dreaming about what I want to eat on day 31… Pizza is currently winning.

July 18th:

Breakfast: GGS, 2 eggs scrambled
Lunch: leftover pork chops over lettuce

Lunch Whole30 day 18
Lunch Whole30 day 18

Snack: Berries, at my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower
Dinner: chicken fingers and sweet potato fries, with whole30 Ketchup and mustard

July 19th:

Breakfast: GGS, 2 eggs scrambled
Snack: blueberries, at church
Lunch: Kalua pork with some whole30 BBQ sauce over a bed of lettuce and carrots

Lunch Whole30 day 19
Lunch Whole30 day 19

Snack: banana and sunbutter (I wanted to melt some chocolate and just cover it…)
Dinner: Pot roast, potatoes and carrots. I wanted my mom’s good old fashioned pot roast, so I made a “vegan” whole30 approved cream of mushroom soup just for the roast. Mr. Wonderful, said “Now, this is a Sunday dinner. If only we weren’t poor and could afford a weekly roast.” Truth!

Dinner whole30 day 19
Dinner whole30 day 19

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