Day 16: Over the Hump


Last night as I thought about how I am halfway done, about how I am taking charge of my life. I started looking through the Finished steps. And then decided, I shouldn’t focus too much on the next step until maybe day 25.

Also, in the last few days I have had lots of friends comment on “how skinny” I am looking. I really want to step on that scale, to see if I have lost. Staying strong and not stepping on.

I am feeling good, tiger blood, not sure yet.

I switched to having a smoothie for breakfast, because I have a supplement that my doctor wants me to take, and I had been taking it in water. Which was making me want to throw up, she suggested putting it in juice. So now I just throw it in with my greens, and no more gagging it down.

Food Log:

Breakfast: GGS, 1 hard boiled egg (Mr. Wonderful took the other one for a snack the other day, and we were running out the door, so 1 was better than no protein)

Lunch: Leftover enchilada casserole

Snack: Apple and sunbutter

Dinner: Leftover Pork Chops and green beans



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