The scale…

I didn’t think not stepping on the scale would be a challenge.

When I am in the midst of a workout program, it’s my check in once a week.

Some times, after a week of not pooping, I like to see how much, usually I am disappointed.

I weighed in Wednesday. The rules say no body measurements.

I can go weeks without weighing, so why is it now an issue?

Because someone said, “no!”

That word, has such a psychological hold on us, all of us.

You tell a 2 year old “no”and you get a range of responses, compliance to tantrum.

Tell a teenager, compliance to tantrum. Although, a teenager tantrum is called rebellion, it really is just a tantrum.

Tell an adult, and you still get compliance to tantrum.

Right? That’s what this is. I can’t step on the scale because some one told me no, so now I am going to complain.

But this isn’t just because someone told me no, I made a choice to commit to 30 days of whole30 rules.

I can only be upset with myself.

I could just break the rule, and no-one will know. I could and that’s cheating. If I break this rule, what other rules will I allow myself to break?

Stay strong, don’t give in. You can beat this natural man!


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