July 6th, 2015–Grocery shopping for Week two

Week two menu made, grocery list is made. And a plan for our trip this weekend. We leave Thursday, drive across the desert, straight into Seattle for a baseball game with my family, last minute wedding prep Friday, wedding Saturday, and then we drive back Sunday.

I am a little nervous. We are staying a friend of mine from college house. She is gluten-free and understands what I am trying to do. I am planning on bringing stuff to eat, and then to make sack lunches and dinners for the day before we head out for family stuff.

This is the only huge hurdle I think I will have, and I know that it is recommended to not do a Whole30 when traveling, but I didn’t want to wait. I just felt like I was making up excuses. And if I actually have to eat this way for the rest of my life, I better get used to traveling. (I know I won’t have to eat this way, I will be able to have paleo breads, but still.)

Food Log: Day 6

Breakfast: Overnight breakfast Casserole

Lunch: homemade pork sausage, homemade pasta sauce, zoodles from my new spiralizer!

Lunch, Whole30, Day 6
Lunch, Whole30, Day 6

Dinner: Leftover BBQ chicken, bbq sauce, salad, paleo ranch, yellow pepper.


Dinner, Whole30, Day 6
Dinner, Whole30, Day 6



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