Day 4 and 5

Woke up this morning and my whole body aches, like when you’re sick. I don’t feel sick, just extremely tired, and sore. Thanks body.

Didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, and maybe I will just do weekends together, I don’t know, we will just see how it goes.


Day 4: 4th of July

We had a busy day of parties.

Breakfast: We went to a church activity, and I brought a whole30 compliant breakfast. No picture, but yummy! I made Against All Grain’s Overnight Breakfast Casserole, from her Meals Made Simple book.

Lunch: We joined up with all of the local in-laws at McDonald’s to have lunch with Mr. Wonderful’s Grandpa. It was fun, the cousins played, family chatted, and I brought my lunch. Chicken salad, lettuce, and some yellow bell pepper strips.

Dinner: We had a little picnic inside. I had made us a fun patriotic dessert, Whole30 style, sweet potato fries, and some hamburgers. I had mine with some bbq sauce from yesterday and guacamole over a bed of spinach.

Dinner, Whole30, Day 4
Dinner, Whole30, Day 4
Dessert, Whole30, Day 4
Dessert, Whole30, Day 4

My fitness pal says I was under my calorie goal, but I might of miss-reported the amount of fruit I at with my toddler.

Day 5:

Like I said earlier, today is Fast Sunday. I chose to fast  today for breakfast and lunch.

After church, I had a small lunch. We then went to Palouse to visit Grandpa, and had dinner at the in-laws. I had already started dinner, before he had planned to go, so we took one of my favorite paleo dishes.  I think this was my first paleo meals I made,  roasted chicken with paleo gravy, also from Meals Made Simple.


Late Lunch: of orange bell peppers, green beans, and some chicken salad

Snack: half a leftover hamburger with green beans and bbq sauce.

Dinner: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted carrots.

Snack: Apple with roasted carrots. Mr. Wonderful decided to watch a movie at his parents, and I getting hungry, so I ate the rest of the leftover carrots and an apple.

I don’t fast normally, and I think on top of this, it was probably a poor choice. I feel like over all I ate more today, that I would have had I not chosen to fast.


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