July 3, 2015–Hangover or “Kill all the things”?

Day 3! Today is Mr. Wonderful’s birthday, and it was an uneventful day. He went camping last night so he could go sailing early, before it got too hot out. So we started our day a little later than planned.

Also, according to the Whole30 timeline, I should be feeling the “hangover” or the “kill all the things” stage. Not sure what a hangover is, since I have never consumed alcohol before. But this morning, oi! Even after breakfast I was hangry. Feeling good now, and hopefully it can carry over to tomorrow.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Smokey Sweet Potato Hash Browns (I could eat these every day for the rest of my life!!) Bacon, eggs (I hate running eggs, and will only eat scrambled or hard boiled), and green beans.

Brakfast Whole30 Day 3
Breakfast Whole30 Day 3

Lunch: Chicken Salad over some lettuce and half a bell pepper.

Lunch Whole30 Day 3
Lunch Whole30 Day 3

Dinner: Mr. Wonderful requested “real” mashed potatoes. I don’t really like potatoes so we don’t normally have them. He also wanted to smoke something. but it has been so hot, we decided to just grill some chicken instead.

Mr. Wonderful grilling dinner
Mr. Wonderful grilling dinner

Homemade Whole30 compliant BBQ sauce, grilled some chicken with it, green beans, mashed red potatoes, and some strawberries for dessert.

Dinner Whole30 Day 3
Dinner Whole30 Day 3

Tomorrow is a busy day, starting with a church breakfast. So tonight, I made a slow cooker breakfast casserole to cook while we sleep. Extra work, just to stay on track. But it serves 6 so now I have breakfast for the next 6 days, win win!!

Staying under my calorie goal, and not feeling light headed and fatigued like I did last month. Not sure if it is the supplements recommended from my doctor, or whole30.


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