July 1, 2015–Day One!!

Last nights plans to get a bunch of prep done, kind of fell apart. Today, hasn’t been awful, but it has gone as smooth as I had wished.

I wrote a little history for you, so check out the ABOUT section.

Also, this post is going to be a two parter. First, I will do my food log, and then I will share with you some details on why I am doing this, that part will be a little, umm,  TMI. I will let you know, so if you wish, you can stop reading.

One rule, for Whole30 is no stepping on the scale or body measurement for the duration of the 30 days. Today, I weighed in, for a reference point, 208 pounds.

Food Log:

Breakfast: I like to call this Green Eggs; spinach, onions, and zucchini saute in EVOO with salt and pepper. Scramble in two eggs. Serve with some salsa. Now, I took pictures, but for some reason I only have a picture of lunch today.

Lunch: Chicken Salad over a bed of Lettuce. Chicken salad is based off of this recipe. (I wasn’t feeling well, and didn’t finish it, and saved the rest for a snack if needed, and I didn’t need it.)

Lunch, day 1, Whole30
Lunch, day 1, Whole30

Dinner: Green Beans, Bacon wrapped Pesto-stuffed Chicken (Original recipe is Prosciutto Wrapped, but I couldn’t find a compliant prosciutto.) I am sad I don’t have a picture of this for you, as it was yummy!

Under my calorie goal, especially since I only ate about ¾ of my lunch.

I did wake with a headache after after lunch I couldn’t get it to go away so I took some excedrin.

Alright, here’s that TMI part that if you don’t want to you can stop here. I am warning you so now you can’t complain that there was no warning.

Some days, my IBS will flare. Usually, I can tell, and can get to a bathroom in time. In college, I carried a change of clothes and wipes for if, heaven forbid, I couldn’t make it.

With all of these changes I have been making these flares have been fewer, but every now and then they come out of nowhere.

Today, it happened. After lunch, I could feel it coming, and I am arguing with my 2 year old to get into his carseat, thinking, “If you just get in you seat, RIGHT NOW, I can make it home.” Nope. I shit my pants in the parking lot. And more is grumbling on down.

I start to panic, I am in the next town, and embarrassed. What am I supposed to do?! Luckily, I was at a place where I could get to a bathroom to let my gut finish expelling itself. I pick up Mr. Z run inside, and take care of business. I call Mr. Wonderful, cause, really,  after 6 years of this he can always turn this into a laughable situation.

“I need you to come save me.”
“What do you mean? Lunch meeting is starting and it’s lasagna!”
“I am really sorry, but I need new pants, NOW. And… I am in Moscow.”
“Yes! I pooped my pants”, I whisper.
“Oh! On my way!”

After he brings me pants, he says, “This is great birth control, maybe we shouldn’t solve it.”

Usually, grown adults can control their bodily functions. This isn’t something, I should have to deal with. Honestly, if I can get this fixed, and I stay at 208 pounds. I will be happy. Yes, weight loss is a goal, but truthfully, health is my overall goal.


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