June 30, 2015–I haven’t even started and I have learned so much.

The first thing that I have learned is that the Whole30 forum isn’t for me. I personally have a hard time with negativity, “tough love”, and criticism. Yes, I am an adult, and no I don’t need to be coddled. Maybe if it was said, “Calorie counting is not part of Whole30, while your doctor has asked you to do that, we discourage it” And a link to the rule that explicitly states No Calorie Counting, cause I couldn’t find one.

I hate how text on the internet can be so misconstrued.

I want a support network, and so I have started this journal of sorts. I am a terrible blogger! My family blog hasn’t been updated since March 2013… but this is going to be a journal for me to talk about my success, and work out issues and frustrations.

Comment and participate with me on this journey, but please be kind!
I have also learned that some foods I just assumed to be compliant are not! Peas, yup, no frozen peas, green beans are allowed. Also, I was hoping that lemon juice was, but only fresh, the bottle stuff has sulfites in it.

No Peas

No Bottled Lemon Juice

I am trying to take today to prep for this next week. I do not want to crash and burn in the first few days.

Today’s prep list:

  • Make Chicken Salad for Lunches
    • Make Mayo
    • Boil and shred chicken
  • Cut vegetables
    • for breakfasts
      • Bag for easy mornings
    • for lunches
    • for dinners
  • Double check everything is ready for tomorrow
  • Make Pesto

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