June 28, 2015–Preparing for my First Whole30

It is currently 103* F outside and about 85* inside. I am sitting planning to start my first whole30 on Wednesday, July 1st. It going to be a bit of a challenge, (my sister is getting married July 11th and we will be traveling for 4 days for it), but I am going to do it.

I feel like for years now, I have postponed doing something for me. I am tired of being tired, fat, low to no self esteem, and the gut issues, completely over those.

I am currently seeing a new doctor to hopefully fix my gut, but I know if I really want to fix it, I can not eat pop tarts and bon bons forever.

I try to eat Paleo, but it is hard, I love FOOD. I eat, because I want to, because I am bored, because my gut hurts and maybe it will help.

Whole30 for me is going to be difficult, I know I will have days where I will hate it, but I am hoping that by August, I am feeling better.

What my Whole30 is going to look like:

  • 1500 Calories a day
  • 40% fat
  • 30% carbohydrates
  • 30% Protein (this outline is doctor prescribed for me as I am trying to lose weight)
  • The first week I am not planning on doing any exercising, and will re-evaluate for week two.
  • Menu planning on Sunday, grocery shopping on Mondays.

What scares me about Whole30?

SUGAR. SWYPO foods. No sugar and SWYPO foods, scare me. I never really realized how much sugar I eat until I went paleo in January. All I have wanted to do is recreate “normal”” sugary treats to “paleo-ified” sugary treats. Heck, I even read labels at my local health food store and justify a non-paleo ingredient or two for a convenient treat.

SWYPO foods, I love bread. And I have found a couple paleo bread recipes that have helped curb my desire to just throw my hands up and buy some cheap white bread and eat the whole loaf.

I am a binge eater. Something that I have always known in the back of my mind, but it was until recently, that I have really been able to say it. This is another thing about Whole30 that scares me. I am afraid that my habits are going to be hard to overcome. I am hoping that having a strict outline of NO foods will help to keep me strong so I can overcome my natural man tendencies.

What do I want to achieve through this Whole30 journey?

Weight loss, duh!

I want to prove to myself that I am not my Mother. It will be 3 years ago, July 15th, that I got the wake up call of a lifetime. My mom, died of a heart attack at age 56. I was 10 weeks pregnant with our now 2 year old, and all I could could was hold myself together for our long awaited baby. After he was born I had some post-partum depression, and climbed my way out, by looking at everything that I could change so that I WOULD NEVER become my Mother. She died at over 400 pounds, type II diabetic, and as someone who had lost all hope.

I have not lost my hope, I know that I can and will overcome my genetic history. It is why we went gluten free with a 6 month old. It is why in January we went Paleo. It is why today, I am going to do Whole30. It is why I went and found a new doctor who believes me that do have some sort of gut issue, and is supportive of me taking control of my gut, health, mind, and spirit.


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